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VayuAI for Wind Farms

VayuAI for Wind Farms is a patent pending integration of our cloud computing service with machine learning and control algorithms to enable strategies that increase energy production, manage loads, recalibrate turbine orientation and predict maintenance requirements via a simple to deploy interface. 


VayuAI is also instrumental in planning wind farms, operations strategies, data management and supporting financing negotiations with wind farm development strategies (such as production tax credits and revenue puts).


VayuAI Cloud, (residing on Amazon Web Services) receives data from wind farm SCADA via its secure on-site Vayu Edge service.

Cloud-based calculations prescribe turbine control adjustments which are implemented in real time on selected turbines. Meanwhile, incoming data is passed to VayuAI Cloud via VayuAI Edge, which sits at the windfarm data center and integrates the turbines, data, software, and cloud systems. 


This implementation enables advanced, intelligent wind farm operation.


What We Do


Data Aggregation

Aggregated anonymous data lets users take advantage of collective insights from all wind farms on the network.

IoT / SaaS

Access to advanced real-time control algorithms, design optimization tools, and energy forecasting systems via  low-cost subscription.

Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning and analytics systems improve the predictive capability of the system over time.

Connect directly to Vayu cloud system or run locally on edge-based system.

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