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VAYU Clean Power Reserve™ Fund

We are building a valuable portfolio of clean power rights- we call them "VAYUS".

The Fund is inspired by the US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 ("IRA") with increased tax credits, transferability and direct, elective payments from US Treasury. 

We invest with Community leaders (colleges, universities, municipalities...) motivated by clean power potential and great projects looking for more capacity from advanced technologies.

We are now acquiring rights to additional wind farm capacity, "actionable energy" from US universities and solar farm repowering. 

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VAYU Clean Power Reserve™: 2023-2038

VAYU Clean Power Reserve is acquiring rights in clean power sectors with potential for breakthrough power and financial performance.

For example, in wind the substantial power and capacity identified by VayuAI (up to 70%) is enhanced by the 2023 production tax credits (PTC) available under the guidelines of the IRA. For data on significant wind opportunities, check out VAYU DATA.

Along with wind power, Clean Power Reserve focus in 2023-24 is supporting regional leadership communities to create powerful financial infrastructure while decarbonizing municipal, college and university campuses. Rights deals in this sector are tied to acquiring actionable energy commitments that enable regional leadership from municipalities and universities (tax exempt organizations with campuses) to qualify IRA tax credit directs. These clean power rights transactions emulate the corporate tax equity approach that companies such as Google have taken in VPPAs (virtual power purchase agreements)- tax credit driven 'additionality' transactions.


We see 2026 as the year of increased solar power throughput (only 21% on average today), with breakthroughs driving numerous utility scale commitments to solar repowering. The Clean Power Reserve is acquiring repowering rights on solar farms beginning in 2024.


Later (likely 2027-2030) we expect to be acquiring rights in fusion, storage and grid solutions with quantum computing driven solutions in AI being a driving force (especially reinforcement learning systems for advanced physics). 

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