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VayuAI technology and development is driving the tipping point for Clean Power!

VayuAI enables proven wind industry financial infrastructure with new tax benefits across multiple clean power sectors.  

Our technology with Inflation Reduction Act benefits adds at least $85 per MWhr. We are just scratching the surface.

VayuAI customers are tax exempt organizations that use substantial energy and PREFER to use clean power.

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How it Works

VayuAI uses complex simulation and data aggregation technologies to assess and increase power and capacity opportunities for wind energy.


VayuAI wind physics and artificial intelligence systems have run performance assessments on thousands of US wind farms. The substantial power and capacity identified by VayuAI is enhanced by the 2023 production tax credits (PTC) available under the guidelines of the US Inflation Reduction Act.


VayuAI develops virtual power purchase agreements based on our technology (we call them VAYUs) enabling financing for clean power development of wind and clean natural gas with significant financial benefits for tax exempt energy users, especially colleges and universities.

For data on significant wind opportunities, check out VAYU DATA.

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