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Get more power & capacity from your wind farm.

Vayu enhanced VPPAs ("VAYUS") enable more investment at less risk. 

Advanced data technology platform identifies and delivers additional energy and capacity that increases the value and performance of wind energy investments.

Maximize Wind Benefits

Vayu’s patented Cloud based wind turbine control technology uses advanced wind physics algorithms and machine learning in a “complete wind farm” approach to managing wake turbulence.

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Increased Power and Capacity 
  • 2-10% more power

  • Up to 70% more capacity

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Site Planning

Assess hundreds of site plan options and identify the best options for layout, turbines and long term planning.

Offshore Wind Farms

Vayu's solutions are critical to the success of floating offshore wind farms.

Getting started is simple.

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Performance Optimization Assessment (POA)

Vayu will run a POA for any selected wind farm and make the results available to customers. This shows how much additional energy a Vayu implementation can bring the wind farm. We can also provide a complete financial analysis of the selected wind farm based on the POA. This will give the customer an understanding of wind farm value and opportunity. 

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Historic Wind Farm SCADA Analysis

The customer provides Vayu with historic wind farm SCADA at very high resolution (one minute or less preferred) for at least a one year period. Vayu will optimize the SCADA and supplement the results of the PDO in a comprehensive report.

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Baseline Analysis & Proof of Concept

Vayu connects Vayu Edge to the wind farm SCADA system to receive real time data for a pre-agreed (30-60 days) period under a proof of concept agreement. Data is transmitted to Vayu for development of baseline expectations for a Vayu activation which gives the parties guidelines for a successful deployment. 

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Activate Vayu Controls

On acceptance of Baseline Analysis, we agree on a plan to activate Vayu Controls.


Turbines that work in unison.

Not one-by-one.

Vayu control strategies take a wind farm system approach for maximum energy production and wind farm protection. This is different: in the past each turbine made a separate control choice without regard to overall wind farm system concerns. Connect with us and learn more. You won’t be disappointed.

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