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Data is the voice of the wind farm.

Vayu helps you listen. 


Advanced data technology platform identifies and delivers additional energy and capacity that increases the value and performance of wind energy investments.

Harnessing the wind in the cloud.

Vayu’s patented Cloud based wind turbine control technology uses advanced wind physics algorithms and machine learning in a “complete wind farm” approach to managing wake turbulence.

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Increased Production 

383 wind farms and counting with an identified 6GW of additional domestic production opportunities.

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Site Planning

Assess hundreds of site plan options and identify the best options for layout, turbines and long term planning.

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Reduced O&M Costs

Vayu data analysis identifies O&M issues before they happen. 

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Vayu AI is a calculated advantage.

Vayu uses publicly available wind farm data (location, weather, turbines, historic production and much more...) to run simulations that compare the individual turbine control approach with Vayu’s Wind Farm Systems approach.


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