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If you are wondering about the impact of IRA tax credits from a development and finance perspective...
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Vayu NRE Services

Get smart with Vayu AI assessments, engineering, site planning and financial support (daily, weekly and monthly consultations available).

Engage our team on how best to get more capacity and power out of your wind farm investment. Onsite and offsite collaboration and analysis, baseline analysis, site planning and proofs of concept.


Vayu’s patented and exclusive Cloud | Edge | Wireless technology platform allows you to leverage your SCADA to improve the output of existing wind turbines and find significant additional capacity (and power), establishing future revenue and credits (Note: the VAYU Clean Power Reserve Fund will discuss acquisition of rights to that power at the earliest opportunity).

Send us your email below and an expert will connect with you to discuss the benefits of a Vayu AI assessment and NRE support.

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And about those tax credits...

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