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Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs)

VAYUS are less risky, cost less and bring greater returns on more favorable terms.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: What is a VAYU?


Answer: A VAYU is a commitment by an energy buyer to purchase energy from an energy developer (seller) at a specific price (the “bid”). The buyer continues to receive energy from its local provider and the seller deliver energy to the power grid at a different location. If the local provider price is lower than its bid, the seller receives the difference. If the local provider price is higher than the bid, the seller makes up the difference.    


Question: Why do wind farms sell VAYUS? 


Answer: Wind farms sell VAYUS to support financing for wind farm development.  


Question: Why should an investor buy VAYUS?


Answer: VAYUS are more valuable than ordinary VPPAs because they are backed by additional energy production and capacity that wind farms would not have access to without Vayu. VAYUS are less likely to be impacted by higher prices driven by energy scarcity.


Question: Where do I buy VAYUS?


Answer: VAYUS are sold regionally by tax exempt organizations. Contact Vayu for specifics.

More information on the way. Check back soon.

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