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The VAYU Clean Power Reserve™ Fund:

Our Fund is inspired by the US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

We work with community leadership organizations motivated by the

potential of clean power as an economic development and climate change solution.


These include:

  • Colleges, Universities and Municipalities

  • Tax Equity Investors

  • Existing energy stakeholders


We acquire and support breakthrough clean power opportunities
and reserves.​

Our plan is to be invested in rights valued at more than $1Billion by 2025. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a VAYU? 

Answer: A VAYU is a commitment by the VAYU Clean Power Reserve Fund (the "Fund) to purchase rights to the future delivery of clean power (as confirmed by VAYU assessments) from an energy developer or owner (seller) for a confirmed quantity of clean power production (measured in MWh and not more than the amount of "actionable energy" that the Fund has available under contract with tax exempt entities) at a specific price (the “bid”) in a contract for differences (like a VPPA, no energy is actually delivered but cash changes hands based on period pricing comparison between the offtake price and the stated VPPA price).  


Today, VAYUS are available for future production of wind power and decarbonized natural gas. 

Why do energy producers sell VAYUS? Why does the Fund buy VAYUS?

Answer: Producers sell VAYUS to support financing for clean power development.  The Fund buys VAYUS to accelerate development and production of new clean power in specific regional clean power development strategies, to support tax exempt decarbonization commitments and enable recycling of actionable energy commitments to accelerate clean power development and earn ROI on Fund investments.

Question: Where do I buy VAYUS?

Answer: VAYUS are sold regionally where the Fund has acquired actionable energy from tax exempt organizations. Contact the Fund for specifics.

Question: What makes VAYUs different from classic PPAs and the more recent VPPAs?

Answer: PPAs are classic industry energy buy-sell agreements involving actual purchase of energy (most often by utilities) with real “transfer of electrons”. PPAs have driven the financial aspects of energy development and production for a century. VPPAs or “virtual power purchase agreements” are relatively new (~10 years) and do not involve actual transfer of power or electrons.  VPPAs are more of a price hedge or guarantee (contract for differences). Both PPAs and VPPAs are used for sales price assurance in financing energy development.

VAYUS are VPPAs based on the acquisition of rights to actionable energy by the Fund to support comprehensive clean power commitments (all clean energy sources).

More information on the way. 

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