Solutions for Enhanced Wind Farm Performance
VayuAI Cloud: Better Performance in Every Way
  • Data:  

    • Low cost, easy access and storage for every bit of data from the wind farm (past, present and future)

    • Access to optimal performance simulation, assessment and optimization

    • Complete, across the enterprise, real time stakeholder access to all data and analytics

  • High Performance Computing (using as many computers as required) for valuable analysis of data with the latest technology including AI and machine learning 

  • On demand optimization systems for control strategy assessment, turbine direction calibration, wake turbulence assessment, wind farm site planning, predictive maintenance and much more  

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VayuAI Edge
  • Integrates Wind Farm systems with VayuAI Cloud

  • Enables automated secure data transit to VayuAI Cloud

  • Delivers optimization settings for implementation by wind farm for increased performance

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Access to public data optimizations
We are optimizing every wind farm we can based on public data, worldwide.

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Drones for wind farm inspection
  • Autonomous systems with proprietary sense & avoid algorithms, controlled by VayuAI Edge 

  • Sensor based inspection (equipment/conditions)

  • Commercially Available Onshore 2021, Offshore 2022

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