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Wind Turbines

Licensing VayuAI technology 

Vayu licenses patents, intellectual property and systems including wind systems simulation and assessments, parallel SCADA and 5G platform software & edge technologies


Vayu offers virtual power purchase agreements that open the door for large tax exempt energy users who prefer clean power.


Vayu’s revolutionary repowering alliance (Repower America with 5G) includes Qualcomm, Palantir and Cycle Development. We start with Vayu’s industry leading “Repowered site plan” assessing opportunities for increased current operations and NEW, inline turbines. Then we run ongoing baseline analyses for as long as 1 year. Then we start deployments.

IP Licensing

If you are a major OEM, developer, finance industry leader, investment bank, systems integrator or wind and technology services company, you may want to run Vayu Simulations independently.  Speak with us about licensing our simulation.

5G Systems

Vayu works with Qualcomm to enable 5G data systems on wind farms, with additional sensors operating independently in a parallel network. Includes fully managed autonomous drones for additional inspection and more data for enhanced Vayu simulations. 

Site Planning

Vayu’s intelligent systems approach to site planning is a dream for wind farm developers. Vayu runs thousands of systems based simulations including every potentially influencing dataset. We then run those results thousands of times against expressed preferences, incorporating or disproving expressed theories…

Ancillary Services

As you bring additional digital technology to the wind farm, the opportunity of ancillary services from those technologies becomes real. Vayu can be used to support storage and additional revenue concepts or to deliver more power at low power, high price intervals.  Speak with Vayu about this difference maker

Getting started is simple.

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Performance Optimization Assessment (POA)

Vayu will run a POA for any selected wind farm and make the results available to customers. This shows how much additional energy a Vayu implementation can bring the wind farm. We can also provide a complete financial analysis of the selected wind farm based on the POA. This will give the customer an understanding of wind farm value and opportunity. 

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Historic Wind Farm SCADA Analysis

The customer provides Vayu with historic wind farm SCADA at very high resolution (one minute or less preferred) for at least a one year period. Vayu will optimize the SCADA and supplement the results of the PDO in a comprehensive report.

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Baseline Analysis & Proof of Concept

Vayu connects Vayu Edge to the wind farm SCADA system to receive real time data for a pre-agreed (30-60 days) period under a proof of concept agreement. Data is transmitted to Vayu for development of baseline expectations for a Vayu activation which gives the parties guidelines for a successful deployment. 

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Activate Vayu Controls

On acceptance of Baseline Analysis, we agree on a plan to activate Vayu Controls.

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