Vayu AI creates intelligent wind farms using machine learning and drone robotics.

Vayu’s technology platform enhances data aggregation & analytics, provides powerful & accessible cloud-based simulations, and intelligent wind farm automation for inspection and controls. Deploying Vayu increases energy production and decreases costs.

Vayu Activation is simple.

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Performance Optimization Assessment (POA)

Vayu will run a POA for any selected wind farm and make the results available to customers. This shows how much additional energy a Vayu implementation can bring the wind farm. We can also provide a complete financial analysis of the selected wind farm based on the POA. This will give the customer an understanding of wind farm value and opportunity. 

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Historic Wind Farm SCADA Analysis

The customer provides Vayu with historic wind farm SCADA at very high resolution (one minute or less preferred) for at least a one year period. Vayu will optimize the SCADA and supplement the results of the PDO in a comprehensive report.

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Baseline Analysis & Proof of Concept

Vayu connects Vayu Edge to the wind farm SCADA system to receive real time data for a pre-agreed (30-60 days) period under a proof of concept agreement. Data is transmitted to Vayu for development of baseline expectations for a Vayu activation which gives the parties guidelines for a successful deployment. 

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Activate Vayu Controls

On acceptance of Baseline Analysis, we agree on a plan to activate Vayu Controls.


Turbines that work in unison.

Not one-by-one.

Vayu control strategies take a wind farm system approach for maximum energy production and wind farm protection. This is different: in the past each turbine made a separate control choice without regard to overall wind farm system concerns. Connect with us and learn more. You won’t be disappointed.