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Vayu helps create intelligent and more valuable wind farms. Now we are applying our skills to solar, grid, natural gas, storage and more...

Advanced digital solutions for all clean power opportunities

Wind physics algorithms with reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence.

 Integrated (and easily deployed) control strategy approach. 

Comprehensive pre-development performance assessment for wind, solar and decarbonization.

Cooperative wind systems approach with continuous wake steering and pitch management integrated with high resolution controls.

Continuous wind site modifications (floating offshore) and parallel SCADA baseline analysis.

Wireless (5G) communications and autonomous robotics for expanded sensor capacity with increased data aggregation (for upwind met forecasting and downwind characteristics prediction).

Technology that Maximizes Wind Farm Value

Vayu’s patented Cloud based wind turbine control technology uses advanced wind physics algorithms and machine learning in a “complete wind farm” approach to managing wake turbulence.

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Increased Wind Power and Capacity 
  • 2-10% more power

  • Up to 70% more capacity

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Site Planning

Assess hundreds of site plan options and identify the best options for layout, turbines and long term planning.

Offshore Wind Farms

Vayu's solutions are critical to the success of floating offshore wind farms.


Turbines that work in unison.

Not one-by-one.

Vayu control strategies take a wind farm system approach for maximum energy production and wind farm protection. This is different: in the past each turbine made a separate control choice without regard to overall wind farm system concerns. Connect with us and learn more. You won’t be disappointed.


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Join us as we expand to Repowering solutions for Solar

Get an assessment of the potential for power enhancements and the impact on capacity in the coming years!

A very large systems opportunity.

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