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VayuAI: Financial Infrastructure to Accelerate Clean Power Adoption

VayuAI Corp. (“Vayu”) uses advanced technology to identify and develop financial opportunities in renewable energy and clean power.

Application of our core capabilities in wind physics and artificial intelligence to more than 1,000 US wind farms has identified significant, untapped, extremely valuable power and capacity on most US wind farms that is worthy of financial development now for offshore and large scale onshore wind farms. Vayu is using its wind power value proposition to deliver a comprehensive financial infrastructure that advances all clean power deployment in every US community.

Vayu enables customers committed to climate change to succeed on the fastest possible timeline.

Our customers are the largest US energy users who would prefer to use clean power. Vayu’s work starts with the cities, states, colleges and universities of the United States (and other tax exempt organizations). Commitments among this group to comprehensive, accelerated clean power conversion in ten years is not unusual.

The US Inflation Recovery Act of 1922 (“IRA”) creates unprecedented financial opportunities for Vayu to support customer clean power implementation with accelerated, high quality, standard financial instruments.

In Q4 2022 Vayu embarked on its plan to use IRA’s new financial infrastructure for wind farm development based US tax exempt participation with Vayu technology. Our modified approach to virtual power purchase agreements (we call them “VAYUS”) opens the door to increased investment value and breakthrough commitment that integrates wind energy financial infrastructure with natural gas conversion as a critical element of customer clean power strategy for the largest US users of energy.

Vayu uses its financial instruments to introduce its customers to the significant, organized and committed international financial community that has provided magnificent support for wind energy development for almost 30 years. For financiers, the Vayu approach brings simplicity within the existing commercial approach enabling near term acceleration and scale.

Our approach expedites and supports efforts of customers to meet preferred clean energy timelines at reduced cost. IRA has specifically targeted Vayu customers with substantial, breakthrough support that is dramatically enhanced by the application of VAYUS. Critically, the combined value proposition allows zero cost investment strategy for tax exempts AND a high value approach to financing low cost clean power.

This is an important, very big business for which Vayu has been preparing for almost ten years.

Vayu is offering financial development participation to qualified institutional lenders and investors.

Jim Kiles
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