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Vayu Technology Advantage

Vayu’s patented and exclusive ‘cloud/edge/wireless’ technology platform opens the data universe to customer systems strategies alongside existing OEM SCADA systems that manage machines.

The USPTO has allowed Vayu’s 2017 patent for its “Cloud based turbine control feedback loop” technology. The Vayu platform enables system focused simulations that optimize data processed from the wind farm and recommend implementation of control algorithms with yaw settings for most appropriate wake steering and automate turbine nacelle recalibration and loads analysis.

Wake turbulence management through yaw settings is the output of Vayu’s cloud simulations and edge intelligence and delivers maximum gains with minimum operations & maintenance. Vayu produces the preferred settings at minimal time intervals (less than a second). All settings are integrated with wind farm management strategies and policies.

Wind farms use Vayu for wind farm system management SCADA, supplementing and interfacing with wind turbine specific SCADA systems managed by manufacturers. The combination enables access to previously untapped, important data sources and immediate access to complex, high performance systems optimization with machine learning, coupled with the benefits of existing turbine focused SCADA. Vayu simulations can also be used to maximize site planning with simulated wake turbulence planning and reduction, a concept that NREL scientists believe will reduce turbine spacing by 30% (power gains could be enormous).

Vayu systems also open the door to using autonomous drones for remote tasks including wind farm inspection and data harvesting. This makes Vayu relevant to any customer in any industry using drones for commercial purposes. Vayu has intellectual property claims for the application of its wind technology to drone deployments, including the “Cloud-based flight path optimization for unmanned aerial vehicles” and its approach to UAV flight optimization for drones that integrates optical systems for sense and avoid flight reactions as data collection support using 3D camera polygon calculation techniques. Extension of Vayu’s optical approach to co-terminus radar implementation is under consideration.

Vayu’s cloud based SCADA for drones is an industry wide market approach whose customers are commercial operators of small drones in customer segment verticals- inspection, security, delivery, sports, military. Key to Vayu’s comprehensive offering is its ability to open up the data universe with 5G and and onsite machine learning calculation with Qualcomm technology. Vayu has successfully deployed Qualcomm 5G systems on active wind farms. 5G is now available in all Vayu deployments.

The combination of technologies enables Vayu’s comprehensive systems approach to SCADA alongside legacy systems, allowing the addition of Vayu’s advanced control algorithms. Note that the integration of those legacy systems in the Vayu Cloud for enhanced performance (where customers are upgrading) is also a significant possibility and goal.


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