VayuAI's concept for drone implementations for business and military applications received a significant boost in Q4'2020 when VayuAI's entry in the AFWERX Challenge "Reimagining New Warfighting and Operational Equipment" was selected as a Showcase Finalist for military contract consideration. The following is the introduction to VayuAI's submission, equally relevant for consideration in all of VayuAI's anticipated market segments (inspection, delivery, military and more). Click the button below to learn more.

Sense and Avoid-enabled Drone Swarms for Efficient Autonomous Flight


VayuAI’s sense and avoid capability allows drones to operate autonomously day or night in all weather. Our system uses a low-cost lightweight radar, making it ideal for drones perform-ing delivery, inspection, monitoring, search and rescue, and other critical applications. The low SWaP sensor and onboard processor network enable machine learning-enhanced mission planning and optimization. Our unique architecture scales from one to entire swarms without latency or degradation.


The VayuDrones solution utilizes a low-cost and lightweight (less than 1 lb) radar sensor that integrates directly onto DoD-approved drones for mission sets in support of warf-ighters and maintenance and logistics personnel. Utilizing radar in addition to optical sensors allows VayuAI to provide collision avoidance in day or night operation and in weather conditions, such as snow, rain, dust or fog, that take other systems out of opera-tion. VayuAI’s algorithm and architecture uses a robust but computationally inexpensive solution to detect, track, and avoid objects and other drones in complex, crowded envi-ronments including indoor warehouses and busy outdoor settings.


Additionally, our sense and avoid system integrates with drone navigation waypoints to ensure the drone avoids potential collisions and near misses while also maintaining op-timal and efficient progress toward its mission objective, destination, or task.


The solution provides individual drones with an all-weather daytime or nighttime colli-sion avoidance capability that scales to drone fleets and swarms due to VayuAI’s effi-cient combination of local drone-based processors and enterprise hub or Cloud compu-ting architecture. This architecture combines a drone payload-based sensor and proces-sor wirelessly connected to a network hub or, when coverage is available, 5G connec-tivity to the Cloud. Furthermore, military approved radios and encryption standards pro-vide drone and data security throughout the mission.


With the ability to autonomously fly, avoid collisions, and navigate through complex environments, inexpensive low-power drones can reduce the load on significantly more expensive, labor dependent, heavy, and polluting sources of transport to perform these routine tasks. VayuAI’s ability to couple Artificial Intelligence into drone operations will allow much greater productivity for airmen, contractor, or other support personnel.


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