VayuAI Cloud Storage Offer

Free Storage for wind farms that host their data with VayuAI. Easy to upload/connect, simple to download & send to service providers. Coming Soon!

when Vayu Data Storage is live
Things we hear from operators about about wind farm data

"My OEM hosts my data."

  • VayuAI response: Many wind farms rely on OEM services for operations, including hosting data. While this may be convenient, it limits options, knowledge and the ability to consider data based alternatives. Ultimately it will limit important knowledge and may limit wind farm options. 

"I reduce storage requirements by averaging over longer periods."

  • VayuAI response: Data granularity increases its value (and your ability to understand events and respond effectively).  Worse, historical analysis may miss events altogether. 

"I host current year data, dump anything older."

  • VayuAI response: Wind turbines can last decades, reacting to conditions every second. Digital systems become more capable every day. Wind farm data becomes more useful and valuable  (as a component of the total dataset) over time. You should never dump data.​

"We are concerned with Cloud Security."

  • VayuAI response: Security is a critical consideration. Cloud based storage is actually more secure than data stored at the wind farm because physical security is not a concern in the Cloud.  VayuAI's cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services where there is an extraordinary record of safety. 

when Vayu Data Storage is live

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